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I would like to share a true life story i read about yesterday, that brought me to ChistopherDuffley-headertears.

“Christopher Duffley was born in May 2001. His parents abused cocaine, which resulted in this child been born premature with cocaine in his system at 26 weeks of conception. He was born blind and autistic. After his birth, his parents fled, leaving him to be put in a foster home. He was later adopted by The Duffleys, who were Christians.

As he developed, His new parents noticed his musical talents, and encouraged him. Today this singer and multi-instrumental blind and autistic boy is all over the world performing in musical concerts and glorifying the Lord. ”

Every time i read stories like this, i am more certain that, I have no excuse to fail.

If an autistic and blind child can achieve such feat, not looking at his ‘perceived’ disadvantage and weakness? What about you?

Stop playing the blame game and giving excuses.

To find out more about Christopher Duffley, visit his website:

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