Fear or Strength

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Hiya everyone

I would like to say a big thank you to Dennis CardiffChris Nicholas and ConnectedWebsites for liking my post yesterday.it meant a lot to me. Since i published my first post yesterday i have been full of excitement and encouraged. There’s always a feeling of accomplishment whenever you start something.

Of course,i cant compare the way i feel with the way Usain Bolt would have felt after winning the 100 m Gold Medal at the ongoing World Athletics Championship in Beijing, China. But, i do feel good with myself that i finally built up the courage and started. Yeah!

Lets talk about Usain Bolt for a moment. The BBC reports the win as “extraordinary 100m victory”.So why was it extraordinary? It was extraordinary because Usain had been struggling all season, and he said to a BBC reporter “It’s taken me a while to work things out. It’s been up and down but it’s okay now.”

Hey! are you struggling with something…it will be okay very soon.

If you listen to great people, they will tell you that even after attaining success, they sometimes struggle to remain on top. Just like Usain Bolt. The funny thing about this win, was that although it was Usain’s season best (9.79 seconds), it was not equal to Gatlin’s ( the fastest man in the world this year) record of 9.77 seconds in the semi-finals.

So what spurred Usain to win that race, and what made Gatlin loose out? I can’t answer that question for Usain, but having been a sprinter myself (Yeah…i was a sprinter in Junior High School), i remember that the presence of a fierce rival competitor always made me more determined to win the race

Yes, whenever i saw my rival on the tracks, i felt empowered..you can say its ego..but hey!!! ego can be positive.

In summary, what am saying is that…we all face challenges in our endeavors…even if you’ve attained success. You are still going to face challenges. But, will you allow that challenge keep you down, or will you find positive energy in your challenge and overcome. Will your fierce rival make you stronger, or will the presence of your rival put fear and defeat in your heart?

Truthfully, you will always have rivals, competitors in whatever endeavor. But ask yourself, what does their presence provoke in you? Fear or Strength.

Tell me.

( excerpts:bbc.co.uk)


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