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Authors Note: This is an old post on my sister blog Proudly Woman. (Click here to view.) I am posting it on this blog, because i think its apt for this forum, and may inspire someone visiting this blog.images

As we all navigate the journeys of our lives, there are some profound lessons that each of Us have to learn. I have often wondered why the elderly seem so wise and unfazed by challenges or situations around them, however in recent times I have realised that its because of their experiences and particularly because there’s nothing new under the sun. Therefore having a positive attitude is very important.

So in light of my experiences I have summed up a few of things you should expect. These will help maintain a positive view to life

Here we go;

I expect

– to go through life with challenges

-that the world will not stop because am facing a challenge

-people to misunderstand me at times

– to be successful

-to love and be loved in return

-to be happy and joyful

– to be rich and prosperous

– to be healthy

-my dreams to be fulfilled with hard work and focus

-to have fun

– people to think differently and have varied perspective

-people to be insincere and selfish

-to make mistakes along the way

– to meet new people and make new friends

-to acquire new skills

-Life to be interesting.

-Good things to happen to me

-Opportunities to open up to me

-my challenges to be stepping stones for success

Those are my expectations, they help me maintain a positive happy energy around me. What are your expectations?


I would like to share a true life story i read about yesterday, that brought me to ChistopherDuffley-headertears.

“Christopher Duffley was born in May 2001. His parents abused cocaine, which resulted in this child been born premature with cocaine in his system at 26 weeks of conception. He was born blind and autistic. After his birth, his parents fled, leaving him to be put in a foster home. He was later adopted by The Duffleys, who were Christians.

As he developed, His new parents noticed his musical talents, and encouraged him. Today this singer and multi-instrumental blind and autistic boy is all over the world performing in musical concerts and glorifying the Lord. ”

Every time i read stories like this, i am more certain that, I have no excuse to fail.

If an autistic and blind child can achieve such feat, not looking at his ‘perceived’ disadvantage and weakness? What about you?

Stop playing the blame game and giving excuses.

To find out more about Christopher Duffley, visit his website: http://www.christopherduffley.com

picture credit: http://www.christopherduffley.com

Hiya everyone

I would like to say a big thank you to Dennis CardiffChris Nicholas and ConnectedWebsites for liking my post yesterday.it meant a lot to me. Since i published my first post yesterday i have been full of excitement and encouraged. There’s always a feeling of accomplishment whenever you start something.

Of course,i cant compare the way i feel with the way Usain Bolt would have felt after winning the 100 m Gold Medal at the ongoing World Athletics Championship in Beijing, China. But, i do feel good with myself that i finally built up the courage and started. Yeah!

Lets talk about Usain Bolt for a moment. The BBC reports the win as “extraordinary 100m victory”.So why was it extraordinary? It was extraordinary because Usain had been struggling all season, and he said to a BBC reporter “It’s taken me a while to work things out. It’s been up and down but it’s okay now.”

Hey! are you struggling with something…it will be okay very soon.

If you listen to great people, they will tell you that even after attaining success, they sometimes struggle to remain on top. Just like Usain Bolt. The funny thing about this win, was that although it was Usain’s season best (9.79 seconds), it was not equal to Gatlin’s ( the fastest man in the world this year) record of 9.77 seconds in the semi-finals.

So what spurred Usain to win that race, and what made Gatlin loose out? I can’t answer that question for Usain, but having been a sprinter myself (Yeah…i was a sprinter in Junior High School), i remember that the presence of a fierce rival competitor always made me more determined to win the race

Yes, whenever i saw my rival on the tracks, i felt empowered..you can say its ego..but hey!!! ego can be positive.

In summary, what am saying is that…we all face challenges in our endeavors…even if you’ve attained success. You are still going to face challenges. But, will you allow that challenge keep you down, or will you find positive energy in your challenge and overcome. Will your fierce rival make you stronger, or will the presence of your rival put fear and defeat in your heart?

Truthfully, you will always have rivals, competitors in whatever endeavor. But ask yourself, what does their presence provoke in you? Fear or Strength.

Tell me.

( excerpts:bbc.co.uk)


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Hello and welcome to Be-Inspired

This is my new blog where i inspire and motivate you (and myself) to be better person living to your full potential.

I have been blogging for a while now. (You can visit my other blog here), but i decided to create this new blog mainly for Inspiration and Motivation. I believe everyone needs some positive energy at every point in their life.

Just like the title says, I have always wanted start a blog that motivates and inspires people to be better. For some reason, i always came up with one excuse or other why i didn’t start. So today i decided to START.

Do you have something you always wanted to do? a dream you want to achieve? Maybe you want to start a business, or you want to lose some weight, make a new friend, change your career, travel the world, learn a new skill, learn a new language or finish college…the list is endless…..Just Start.

Sometimes, we just don’t know how to go about achieving that dream…well..you can start by first taking a step towards it. Lets say you want to travel the world, you should start by making a note of the destinations you’ll love to go.

Let me encourage you with this true story of Doreetha Daniels: the oldest woman to graduate from college at 99 years old

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